NLA unveils “Doing Good” exhibition


Bangkok – The Secretary-General’s office of the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) has organized an exhibition titled “Doing Good” to further promote the teachings and guidance of His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

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Chai Pattana Foundation Secretary-General Sumet Tantivejjakul chaired the opening of the “Doing Good” exhibition, which was organized on the second floor Eden Zone of Central World department store by the Secretary-General’s office of the NLA.

The event is a rotating display of His Majesty the late King’s teachings and sayings depicted in the form of short films. The displays were created by a variety of agencies in tribute to the late King and as an affirmation of his guidance.

The aim of the exhibition is to encourage youths to remain loyal to His Majesty the late King and to follow in his footsteps by seeking to do good and to uphold the institutions of family and society. It will run until October 31.