Dept of Disease Control moves to prevent bird flu outbreak


Bangkok – The Department of Disease Control (DDC) is implementing measures to prevent the spread of avian flu during the end of the rainy season, following outbreaks in many other countries.

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DDC Deputy Director-General Dr Panumard Yarnwaidsaku chaired a meeting earlier this week on health care readiness for avian flu. The meeting covered policies such as monitoring and preventing the disease in humans and animals, medical aid measures, laboratory tests, action plans, risk assessments, and operational management.

As of September 20 this year, the total number of H7N9 cases worldwide has reached 1,589. Of this number, 616 were fatal, and all deaths occurred in China. Other strains of the H5 and H7 influenza viruses have been reported across the world.

Although Thailand has not reported a single confirmed case of avian flu in humans since 2006 or in birds since 2008, a number of bird deaths have been discovered.