Nine wounded in Narathiwat grenade attack


NARATHIWAT, March1 ā€“ Nine people including a three-year-old boy were wounded in a grenade attack at a tea shop in Narathiwat Thursday morning.

Two teachers and a policeman were also among the injured.

Two men, dressed in student uniforms of a religious school rode a motorcycle, passing the tea shop on Thursday, throwing an M26 grenade into the shop where customers were having breakfast.

Meanwhile, in an adjacent province of Pattani, an unknown number of arsonists set fire at five spots in three districts on Wednesday night.

In the provincial seat, areas behind two supermarkets were set ablaze. In Khok Pho district, buildings of a para rubber processing company and a minimart. In Saiburi district, a heavy duty machine was set alight but it was only slightly damaged.

It is initially believed that the series of arsons may be related to the southern insurgency.