NIDA poll shows most Thais think election on July 20 will not go smoothly


BANGKOK, 3 May 2014  -The National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) has announced the results of a survey regarding the opinion of Thais towards a proposal for an Election on July 20, 2014. It was carried out on 2nd & 3rd of May, with 1,252 respondents who are eligible to vote, and who represented all regions across the country. The results show that 62.94% think that the election won’t go smoothly, 24.76% think the election will go well and 12.30% were not certain and didn’t express an opinion.

Also asked what should be the priority between ‘election’ and ‘national reform’, 49.68% say national reform should come first; 38.02% say the election should be prioritized; while 6.07% say the two should be done simultaneously, and that all parties should stop holding or supporting political demonstrations. Another 6.23% could not be sure.