New Guidelines for Entertainment Operators


On January 15, at city hall, deputy mayor Wuthisak Rermkijakarn chaired the 1st local business operators meeting amidst local entertaining venue owners and key personnel.

Wuthisak aimed to make mutual understanding amongst entertainment business operators to abide the laws in staging their shows.

Some reports had said that there were some naked sex shows taking place in Pattaya which is totally against the law.

New Guidelines for Entertainment Operators

The committee set up a bonus price for ones who report this kind of lewd shows to police to make an arrest.

The committee believed that the regulations would eliminate the wrong kind of entertainment if the matters are responded seriously.

Another important matter mentioned at the meeting was the regulations regarding building extensions and interior decoration.

Many fires had happened after some operators misguidedly installed materials that were highly flammable into their venues and it was difficult to stop the fire.

Also the matter of lack of control over weapon carrying into entertaining venues was discussed in the meeting.

The committee urged every entertainment operator to exercise the precaution actively or they would face serious repercussions from the authorities.

All of these measures are being put in place to make a better image of Pattaya in the eyes of our visitors.

New Guidelines for Entertainment Operators