NCPO: Officers hard at work in Deep South amid persisting violence


BANGKOK, 3 September 2014  – Secretary-General of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) Gen Udomdej Sitabutr has insisted that although insurgent attacks still occur in the southernmost region, the overall situation is still under control and peace talks are ongoing. 

In his capacity as Chairman of the Committee to Mobilize Policy and Strategy to Solve Problems in the Southern Border Provinces, Gen Udomdej admitted violent incidents are still reported on a continual basis; however, the frequency of attacks in the region is considered unchanged from before and security officers are still in control of the situation.

The NCPO Secretary-General said many adjustments are being applied to the security operations in the Deep South. Investigative processes are being made less time-consuming and more concise while new tactics are being adopted, with more security personnel deployed.

In regard to the change of the commander of the Army Region 4, which has jurisdiction over the southern border provinces, Gen Udomdej said the decision will depend on the performance evaluation. Nonetheless, he explained that operational improvement is just as important in the tackling of insurgency.

Moreover, Gen Udomdej revealed that peace talks with separatist groups have so far been organized internally and will soon reach the commanding level. The Secretary-General of the National Security Council has reportedly asked the NCPO to allow him to participate in the upcoming talks by himself.