NCPO Chief calls for joint efforts towards reconciliation and reform


BANGKOK, 6 June 2014  – Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha, Chief of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), has reiterated his wish to involve all sides in discussions to be held by the Reconciliation Center for Reforms in an effort to restore unity in the country. 

On his televised program entitled “Return Happiness to the Thai People”, Gen Prayuth re-emphasized the necessity of the military takeover in Thailand. He explained that the legislative, executive and judicial powers were being sabotaged while the civil service system was being intervened by politicians. He added that civilians, meanwhile, were losing faith in independent organizations and their respect for the law was weakening.

The NCPO Chief said such problems had led to social conflicts at all levels, putting the country in doldrums. Since urgent solutions were much needed, he insisted that the military coup had to be staged in order to transform Thailand into a truly democratic nation with good governance in the future. Though admitting that martial law would need to remain in effect, he assured that the NCPO would enforce the law only as necessary and would try to bring normalcy back as soon as possible.

Speaking of the establishment of the Reconciliation Center for Reforms, Gen Prayuth expressed his wish to use the center as a venue for all factions to come together to settle their differences and exchange constructive ideas. All the information collected will be applied in the next step, which is to form a new government, a reform council as well as a legislative council.