Nationwide donations roll in for flood victims


Bangkok – People from across the country have continued to donate cash and necessities to help those affected by flooding.

In Maha Sarakham, a charity concert was held with several artists performing to express their spirit and solidarity with flood victims. Garlands, shirts and bouquets were sold at the event to raise donations for those affected, as well as a barber service from the province’s barber and hairdressers’ association.

In Ratchaburi, provincial governor Chayawut Chanthon received donated items from companies, stores and the general public to be delivered to flood affected villagers in Ubon Ratchathani. These items, including uncooked rice, dried food, drinking water, medications and necessities, have been shipped by Thailand Post.

In Yasothon, flooding at Wat Si Thammaram Temple and surrounding areas has subsided after the overflow of Chi River last week. The provincial governor Nikorn Sooksai led volunteers from all sectors to clean up the temple and surrounding community, picking up debris and spray washing the temple with clean water.