National Reform Council urges revision of free rooftop solar installation policy


BANGKOK, 25 May 2015 – The National Reform Council (NRC) has submitted additional proposals to the Cabinet regarding the free rooftop solar system installation project after it has discovered that the project violates energy reform policies. 

The NRC heard the report from the committee on energy reform regarding the solar photovoltaic rooftops for residential and general buildings project.

According to Chairman of the energy reform committee Tongchat Hongladarom, the Ministry of Energy has initiated the solar roof’s Free-in Tariff project while implementing a buying quota, which is in contradiction to the NRC’s free market proposal. This policy has created an obstacle for buyers and has increased prices.

In addition, committee member Alongkorn Ponlaboot indicated that the free rooftop solar system installation project had been conceived for the purpose of giving all sectors access to alternative energy at suitable prices. The project was meant to coincide with the new constitution’s efforts of reforming the nation’s energy policies.

The committee has, therefore, urged to Cabinet to revise the project to truly reflect its original intention.