National Reform Council House of Representatives present donations for Nepal quake victims


BANGKOK, 20 May 2015 – The National Reform Council and the Secretariat of the House of Representatives have presented their donations to help victims of the Nepal quake.

NRC’s 2nd Vice President Tassana Boontong together with her fellow council members presented 1.5 million baht in donations for the Nepal quake victims to Minister to the Prime Minister’s Office M.L.Panadda Diskul, who accepted the sum on behalf of the government.

The Thai government has created the “Hua Jai Thai – Song Pai Nepal “ or “Thai Hearts for Nepal” project to collect donations for the quake-ravaged country.

According to Mrs. Tassana, the NRC has recognised the plights of the people of Nepal and collected donations from all members as well as holding an auction of a painting by Emeritus Prof. Preecha Thaothong, who is also a member of the committee on the reforms of social values, arts, culture, ethics and religion.

Meanwhile, Secretary-General of the House of Representatives Charae Panpruang also presented donations collected from officers, employees and workers of the Secretariat of the House of Representatives, totaling 94,200 baht, to M.L. Panadda.

M.L. Panadda thanked all who had made donations and said that all donated money would be sent to Nepal through the United Nations, the World Health Organisation and UNICEF.