Narcotics incinerated to mark International Day Against Drug Abuse


Ayuthaya – Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health has incinerated 6,322 kilograms of seized narcotics, worth over 13.697 billion baht, to mark International Day Against Drug Abuse, which falls on June 26 of each year.

The narcotics were seized in 7,245 cases and consisted of methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, opium, marijuana and other addictive substances.

Between 1977 and 2018, a total 48 incinerations have taken place with over 128,776 kilograms of narcotics destroyed, all together valued at more than 197.343 billion baht. Methamphetamine made up most of the total at 74,708 kilograms followed by opium and its derivatives at 28,760 kilograms, heroin at 25,127 kilograms and Ecstasy at over 179 kilograms.

Permanent Vice-Minister of Public Health, Dr. Tawach Sunthrajarn, chaired the 48th incineration at the Utility and Environment Management Center of Bang Pa-In Industrial Estate in Ayuthaya province. Pyrolytic Incineration was used to destroy the narcotics. With temperatures at over 850 degrees Celsius, the process ensures no air pollution or toxins enter the surrounding environment.