NACC gives ‘Nikom’&‘Somsak’ until Jan 27 to answer charges


BANGKOK, 11 Jan 2014, The National Anti Corruption Commission (NACC) has set January 27th as the deadline for House Speaker Nikom Wairatchapanitch and former House Speaker Somsak Kiatsuranond to answers the charges against them. 

A National Anti Corruption Commissioner, Prasart Pongsiwiwapai, yesterday made the announcement, saying that the two house speakers had to comply with the summonses within the time frame; otherwise, the NACC would take it that they had automatically acknowledged the charges but did not wish to counter the accusations, then the NACC would proceed with the case based on existing evidence.

Mr. Prasart said the same approach would apply to the former Members of Parliament and Senators as they have been charged on the same case. He said the 308 MPs and Senators had until January 17th to acknowledge the summonses, adding that on January 15th – 17th a team of 100 officials would be ready to facilitate the defendants.

Mr. Somsak has reportedly claimed that he would acknowledge the charge after the election campaigns are over. Mr. Nikom has claimed that he has previous engagements outside of Bangkok. Both told the NACC that they would honor the summonses after the February 2nd national polls.