NACC expects to set the PM’s testimony date within April


BANGKOK, 13 Mar 2014 Deputy Secretary General of the National Anti Corruption Commission (NACC), Wittaya Acompitak, stated that the agency would today conclude on the date for Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to give testimony on the fraud case covering the rice pledging scheme. 

Earlier the Premier’s legal representative requested for a 45-day postponement of the date. The NACC stated it would only grant a one-time-15-day delay if Ms. Yingluck could not meet the previous deadline of March 14th. Mr. Wittaya said the meeting could either grant permission or dismiss the Prime Minister’s request by citing the urgency of the matter. However, he said, if postponement is granted, the duration would be 15 days or more, but not 45 days.

He is confident that the testimony would be made within April. Regarding the request to impeach House Speaker Nikom Wairatchpanitch, Mr. Wittaya stated that the NACC might not be able to wrap up the case before the Senatorial election on March 30th.

Mr. Nikom, along with 308 Members of Parliament and Senators, is being scrutinized for being involved in the attempt to amend the senate origin bill last