MPB looks into case of soil stolen from construction site


Bangkok – The Metropolitan Police Bureau (MPB) is to search two private properties, after receiving reports indicating that the two locations are being used to store soil stolen from the underground tunnel construction site near the Ratchada intersection.

Deputy MPB Chief Police Major General Sompong Chingduang, said today that an inspection committee has been established to investigate the matter, following tips from concerned citizens. He said he has informed the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand and 10 other related agencies about the matter. According to Police Major General Sompong, the 10 organizations had earlier petitioned for the possession of the soil. He said these units now had to verify whether or not they have received the soil they requested. The deputy city police chief said the MPB will ask the Engineering Institute of Thailand to estimate the quantity of soil involved in the misappropriation.

Police Major General Sompong vowed to press charges against those responsible for the heist, saying the soil is the property of the nation. Furthermore, he pointed out that the administrators of the properties that are allegedly storing the stolen soil did not cooperate with the investigating officials, further fueling the officers’ suspicions.


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