Mourners asked to bring their own plastic boxes to contain food in order to reduce the amount of garbage


Bangkok Governor Aswin Kwanmuang has appealed to mourners to bring with them plastic boxes to contain food and canteens in order to reduce the huge amount of garbage generated each day at Sanam Luang and around the Grand Palace, which has become a big problem.


Pointing out that between 9,000-10,000 kgs of garbage are generated each day, he said that he would prefer food donors to switch from foam boxes for containing food to other materials paper boxes which are more easily dissolvable and will not pose an environmental problem like foam boxes.

Plastic boxes, said the governor, can be washed and reused and do not generate garbage just as canteens.

He said that student volunteers have been deployed at garbage bins to advise mourners of where they should discard their foam boxes and drinking water bottles among the three types of garbage bins.

The governor is, however, optimistic that about 2-3 months from now, the amount of garbage in Sanam Luang and around the Grand Palace will steadily drop as less people will arrive to pay tribute to the late King inside the Grand Palace.

In anticipation of a huge crowd of mourners to pay respect before the Royal urn this Saturday, Governor Aswin urged members of the public not to drive their cars to Sanam Luang because there won’t be enough parking space and suggested that they use free transport provided by the state which will be more convenient.

To ensure better safety for mourners, he said that 40 surveillance cameras have been installed in Sanam Luang in addition to many others which were installed around the spacious ground.