Motorbike theft not what it seems


Police say two men who claimed their motorbike was stolen in a random hold-up in fact had their wheels stolen by the drug dealer they went to buy ya ba from.

Thanakorn Putaka, 17, and Seksan Priprem, 31, filed a report Thursday with Pattaya Police that their Honda Wave was stolen by four mystery men on Soi Jurarat and Thepprasit Road.

After searching the area and finding little evidence of any holdup, police separated the two supposed victims to get more details.  Under questioning, Seksan caved and admitted the two men made up the story to save face.

Thanakorn Putaka, left, gives a statement to Pattaya police.Thanakorn Putaka, left, gives a statement to Pattaya police.

In fact, police reported that Seksan said the two men had gone to the soi to buy ya ba from a dealer named Bass.  The dealer said he needed to borrow Seksan’s bike to fetch the drugs, but he never came back.

Seksan said he was afraid what his mother-in-law would do to him and called on police help, but had tried to hide his motive for being on the soi in the first place.