Motor Expo 2016 car sales down


The 33rd Thailand International Motor Expo Show or Motor Expo 2016 ended yesterday with car sales dropping to slightly over 33,000 units, down from the target of over 50,000 units.


Throughout the 12 days of its schedule only approximately 33,000 vehicle bookings were received which is much lower than expectations.

But the industry forecast improvement of sales in 2017.

Motor Expo Thailand is normally the usual time for prospective buyers to make the final bookings on new vehicles for the year. Vitally, it is also an important gauge of the overall condition of the local automobile industry.

Although the organiser of the show said attendance figures were very good at over 1.5 million for the 12 days show but automotive makers revealed that only slightly more than 33,000 orders were received for new vehicles.

This is much lower than the 50,000 units forecasted prior to the event.