MOST to turn nationwide science parks to “Special Space for Innovation”


BANGKOK,July 2015 – The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) has planned to turn state-run science parks nationwide to “Special Space for Innovations” where the private sector can invest in scientific researches and contribute to Thailand’s economic growth as a whole, revealed Minister of Science and Technology (MOST) Pichet Durongkaveroj.

Mr.Pichet said that the initial project aims to build an innovative-based economic zone of Thailand where private sector uits can inject more budget for scientific researches and, in turn, get special privilege of tax exemption. It is also a forum for younger researchers to meet their peers, seek job opportunities as a researcher, scientist or inventor.

The government has motivated industrial estates to take part in the project. Once those estates contribute part of their areas to set up “Innovative Space”, they can enroll in the development of a sustainable production system for their own industries and at the same time get benefit from the government’s tax incentives and easier mobility around ASEAN.

The initiative of Special Space for Innovation has been proposed to the Committee on Innovation System chaired by the Prime Minister, and will soon be forwarded to the Cabinet after more details are added for completion.