Most Thais giving close watch on Govt, NCPO, but do not want civilians movement that brings conflicts


BANGKOK, 12 July 2015 – Most of the Thai people do not want to see political movement against the government and National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) so as to allow the latter to work without disturbance, according to the result of an opinion survey conducted by the National Institute of Development Administation (Nida Poll).

The poll was conducted on 9-10 July on 1,257 people to gauge their opinions on political activities staged by various groups in the present political situation.

Asked what the public should do in current situation, most or 77.65% of the respondents said the public should not run any political activities but let the government and the NCPO finish their work. They also thought the two governing bodies had done well in their job so far.

13.45% said the people should come out to show moral support to the government and the NCPO as their performance was satisfying in general.

When asked whether scholars, social service organizations and political parties should stage their political activities during this time, the majority, 68.34%, of the respondents said the opposite, urging all to allow the government and the NCPO to work. 15.27% said they should come out to show them support.

55.77% of the respondents said they should send their opinions to the government and the NCPO through proper channels if they want to show grievance towards the government and the NCPO’s performances and policies.