More than 900 found to be suffering from stress due to floods


BANGKOK, 14 October 2013 Deputy Minister of Public Health Sorawong Thienthong revealed that a total of 26 provinces are still affected by floods. The ministry has constantly been keeping a close watch and sending its officials out to help flood victims. 

More than 300,000 households have been given first-aid kits, and approximately 1,500 people have been treated by doctors for their illnesses. In general, the Deputy Minister disclosed that 1 in 3 has suffered from athlete’s foot resulting from the flood.

In addition, more than 900 people are suffering from stress, of whom 475 have been reported to be suffering from post-traumatic stress or extreme stress.

Until the flood subsides, officials are still keeping a close watch on the situation, as well as continuing to further plan the necessary steps to help the flood victims.