More rice missing in Burirum Province


BURIRUM, 11 July 2014,  – Rice inspecting officials in Burirum Province have found that more than 7,000 sacks of rice have gone missing and up to 1,000 tons of rice in the stockpile have deteriorated. They also discovered a large quantity of unregistered stock mixing in a warehouse in the area.

Officials have reportedly examined 5 out of 7 warehouses in Burirum Province. So far they have discovered that about 10,000 sacks, or 1,000 ton, of rice, in a warehouse in Nangrong District are too old to export. They have also uncovered stockpiled rice of unidentified origin.

Furthermore, 720 tons of rice have been found missing from Prateep Cement Block Warehouse in Prakhon Chai District. Officials also found a large amount of rice in unmarked sacks. Meanwhile, no irregularities have been found in Pattanapanitch, Preechapanitch, and Srichareon warehouses.

Inspection officers will later submit a report to the Region 2 Military and the Prime Minister’s Office in order for them to proceed with appropriate measures. They are also asking those in authority to take legal action against those involved in the missing rice.