More migrant workers to declare nationalities


BANGKOK, 7 November 2014 – Thailand’s neighboring countries have already begun collecting information on their citizens working in Thailand. The move is required by the Thai authority in order for them to be employed in the country.

According to the Office of Foreign Workers Administration, the personal profiles of at least 6,000 migrant workers have already been obtained. They are expected to be submitted to Thailand later under the nationality registration system.

Over 1.5 million foreign workers have so far declared their nationalities, 50,000 of whom are working in the fishery industry. More personal data are being gathered at present.

Cambodian workers may declare their nationality at Pra Pradaeng district office in Samut Prakarn province. Around 100 individuals are being registered each day. Mobile units have also been sent to Chonburi, Chachoensao, Nakorn Sawan and Petchabun to quickly identify migrant workers’ nationalities.