MOPH campaigns to reduce dengue fever


BANGKOK, 23 August 2019 – Due to the rising number of dengue fever patients, the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) has accelerated the campaign against dengue fever and arrranged for its personnel to participate in a volunteer activity to inspect the environment and eliminate mosquito breeding sites.

Dr. Sukhum Kanjanaphimai, MOPH Permanent Secretary, participated in a meeting with the chiefs of provincial offices of public health and hospitals across the country via the VDO Conference system, to monitor the prevention and control of dengue fever. Since the beginning of this year, it was found that there were more than 70,000 dengue patients and 70 people had died of dengue fever. It is expected that there will be more than 100,000 dengue patients this year due to the arrival of the rainy season which leads to an increased number of Aedes breeding grounds. Therefore, all parties are being called on to help destroy Aedes breeding sites.

The MOPH Permanent Secretary also asked MOPH personnel to support the Altruistic Heart 904 campaign to protect the environment, eliminate mosquito breeding sites and reduce the occurance of dengue fever in many areas. The MOPH itself, has conducted regular campaigns against dengue fever, with volunteers from all sectors striving to eliminate the breeding sites of Aedes. The Altruistic Heart 904 Volunteer Administration agreed to ask volunteers to improve the environment by eliminating Aedes mosquito breeding places under the Altruistic Heart 904 campaign. They are working to eliminate the larvae breeding sites that are found around homes, in temple grounds, at schools and in many other places every week.

People in Thailand, who develop a high fever over two consecutive days, or headaches and red rashes, should see a doctor immediately.