Mobile phone owners can use maximum of 5 SIM cards


Bangkok – The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has resolved to allow mobile phone users to buy and register only 5 SIM cards per operator.

NBTC Secretary-General Takorn Tantasith said that mobile phone network operators are now required to report to the NBTC if any of their customers own more than five phone numbers.

Users can no longer purchase and register more than five SIM cards with a retailer. However, if they wish to have more than five numbers, they can still purchase additional SIM cards directly from the network provider wherein the provider will be responsible for reporting those additional accounts to the NBTC. Both retailers and service providers will be held accountable for any subsequent damage related to the sale of SIM cards.

Meanwhile, the NBTC has made some changes to the upcoming auction of the 1800 MHz spectrum on August 8 in which the winning bidder will be able to choose the slot first. A lucky draw will be introduced if there are two winning bidders.