Ministry of Interior allays public concern over drought crisis


BANGKOK, 17 July 2015 – The Ministry of Interior is urging the Thai public to stay calm, saying that the Thai government has measures in place to cope with the drought crisis.

Interior Minister General Anupong Paochinda said Thailand will experience the worst of the drought crisis at the end of this month. He called for the country to develop a good water management system.

The minister added that wells have been drilled in drought-hit areas and the provincial waterworks authority has been instructed to increase its freshwater reserves. Water supplies will also be distributed to people living in remote areas, if there is no rainfall in the near future.

The Royal Irrigation Department has lowered the amount of water being released back into the rivers to 18 million cubic meters per day.

The minister claimed these measures should be able to sustain domestic water consumption until next month. He has told the public to remain calm, as the government has the situation under control.