Ministry of Commerce to address the issue of expensive limes


BANGKOK, 21 April 2015,  – The Ministry of Commerce has planned to distribute more limes to areas currently experiencing shortages, following the market price reaching a 12-month high of 9 baht apiece. The ministry said the price of limes is likely to increase further as demand continues to rise.

According to the latest survey in Bangkok and its vicinity, limes size 1 and 2 are now priced at around 8-9 baht, from the previous 6-7 baht. Limes size 3 and 4 are now 6-7 baht, a significant jump from the previous 4.50 baht.

The ministry stated that the wholesale price has also increased and expects it to rise further in the near future, thanks to lime harvests damaged by severe drought.

For the moment, the ministry has been planning to directly distribute limes from agricultural producers to high-demand markets.

The ministry said it would not regulate market prices of limes, as the current demand has simply exceeded supply.