Ministry of Commerce announces achievements despite slow economy


BANGKOK – The Permanent Secretary of Commerce said she was pleased with the ministry’s achievements, despite several limitations.

Permanent Secretary of Commerce Chutima Boonyaprapas said she would give her ministry an 85 out of 100 for its several successes over the past year. These include maintaining the cost of living, promoting exports, and selling off five million tons of rice from the government stockpile without affecting the market price. Ms Chutima praised these achievements, in the context of a slow economy.

Chutima Boonyaprapas

The Ministry of Commerce will continue to ensure that prices of food and everyday items remain affordable. It also plans to launch a food campaign at 10,000 locations nationwide, in order to prevent vendors of ready-to-eat meals from raising prices.

The ministry is also determined to sell off as much of the 13 million tons of rice remaining in government stocks as possible this year. To this end, the ministry will reach out to Iran, a major rice importer, as soon as its political situation returns to normal.