Migrant workers have until the end of October to get registered


BANGKOK, 15 October 2014  The Department of Employment (DoE) said the number of registered migrant workers since the end of June until the middle of this month has reached as much as 1.3 million people. Most of them are from Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos respectively.

Of that number, there are a total of nearly 530,000 Burmese nationals, around 200,000 Laotians, and almost 600,000 Cambodians. The total number of 1.3 million also consists of their family members who are not being employed in Thailand.

The DoE is urging employers to bring their migrant workers to the registration office to be declared of their nationality by the end of this month.

Employers who fail to legalize their workers will be subject to a fine of 10,000 to 100,000 baht per worker. A migrant worker will also be sentenced to 5 years or less in prison and receive a fine of 2,000 to 100,000 baht, or both.