Measures prepared to cut accidents


BANGKOK, Aug 14 — Thailand’s Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation has joined forces with relevant agencies in working out measures to prevent or reduce the number of  road accidents during the upcoming end of Buddhist Lent and the Loy Kratong festival.

Disaster chief Chatchai Promlert chaired a committee meeting at the Road Safety Centre today.

Mr Chatchai told reporters afterward that the Road Safety Centre and related agencies agreed to set up measures to prevent and reduce road accidents during the two festivals.

He noted the measures would focus on reducing risks that could lead to road accidents and promoting awareness of road users about road safety.

Mr Chatchai said the plan will be carried out in two phases.

The first phase concerns a road safety campaign ahead of the two festivals, from September 1-6 prior to the end of Buddhist Lent and from October 10-November 4 for the Loy Kratong festival, he said.

In the second phase or the control period, efforts, including strict law enforcement, would be carried out to prevent and reduce road accidents, he added.

The control period for the end of Buddhist Lent is October 7-9, and it is November 5-7 for the Loy Kratong festival.