Measures derived to tackle O-NET scores being below satisfactory level


BANGKOK, 19 March 2014  The Ministry of Education has found Prathom 6 and Mathayom 3 students’ O-NET examination scores for year 2013 to be below the satisfactory level.

Office of the Basic Education Commission deputy secretary-general Kamon Rotkhlai said on Tuesday that the scores from the two grade levels were below standard, with average scores for each primary subject being less than 50%. He explained that the low scores could likely be attributed to the fact that they were derived from students nationwide, meaning that test takers in rural areas may have brought down the scores.

Mr. Kamon disclosed that the 1,000 schools where students scored the lowest will be selected as sites for a project to improve students’ scores. This is believed to help the students score higher in the next education year; the target is to improve scores by 3% in every subject. The Ministry of Education will also be making improvements to teachers’ teaching in localities who are weak in particular subjects; this latter initiative to send in per-subject specialists is geared towards cost-effective development.