Man threatening to use Molotov cocktail is uncharged by Police


At 4 a.m on the 2nd of September police were notified that a man was acting suspiciously and was carrying a bottle filled with fuel with a rag coming out of the neck of the bottle, this was outside a country style pub on soi 52 off of Sukhumvit road.

The police rushed to the scene to find the man standing beside a motorcycle with the Molotov cocktail, they interrogated him and he was identified as 23 year old Mr. Vichai Kunhar.

The caretaker of the pub Mr. Sunipol Phornchai stated to the police that the man  came into the pub with three of his friends and had an argument with the next table, a fight ensued and the caretaker asked them to leave.

Unbelievably the police didn’t take this seriously. Unbelievably the police didn’t take this seriously.

However later Vichai returned with the bottle of petrol and was looking for the group with whom he had had the arguement it was then that the caretaker called the police before any serious damage was done.

Apperently the police let Vichai go without charge as he didnt actually break the law.