Man left for dead in abduction drama


At 4am on August the 19th Huay Yai police were alerted that a man had been tied up and shot by the roadside on the Korat-Rayong 331 highway.

At the scene they found the injured man 32 year old Suriyawut Luangprasong who had been shot three times, once in each shoulder and once in the chest.

He was given emergency treatment then rushed to Banglamung hospital

Barely conscious the man is able to tell police about his ordeal.

A nearby homeowner 47 year old Yuthana Supanam said he heard three gun shots but was scared and kept himself hidden, after a while he went out to investigate and had seen a car speed off in the direction of Sattahip.

He could hear someone crying and found Suriyawut with his hands and feet tied up, he untied him and called the police.

Suriyawut was able to tell the police that he and his friend named A were abducted by 4 men in a car at the Kanjanaburi bus terminal, he was dragged out of the car and shot three times and left in the woods by the road side, he acted dead then the men left, however they still had his friend in the car.

Police are following up on this but do not have much to go on and believe the motive behind this grisly incident was sparked by some business disagreement or an argument over a woman.

Man left for dead in abduction drama