Locals host feast for wild monkeys in Ratchaburi


RATCHABURI, Dec 20  – Local people host a feast for thousands of wild monkeys in an annual cultural festival of ChomBueng district, Ratchaburi province.

Tons of fruits, corn and rice were served on tables for the wild macaques that reside at ThamChomPon Cave jungle.

They had to be scared away, not to scramble, until the presiding official arrived.

After a one-hour wait, the long-tailed macaques were drawn from tree branches and the jungle to partake in the feast.

The monkeys at ThamChomPon forest belong to three clans, according to local residents.

Monkey feasts are common in Thailand.  The most famous is in the central province of Lop Buri, also known as the “Monkey City.”  About 3,000 monkeys enjoy annual buffet at the ruins of an ancient Hindu temple, Phra Prang Sam Yot. (TNA)