Legalized medicinal cannabis considered

Deputy Prime Minister ACM Prajin Juntong.
Deputy Prime Minister ACM Prajin Juntong.

Bangkok – Invoking Article 44 of the interim constitution to legalize medical marijuana is merely an idea raised by the academic sector, says Deputy Prime Minister ACM Prajin Juntong.

DPM Prajin who is also the Minister for Justice said on Friday that the Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) and the Ministry of Public Health are looking into the benefits of medical marijuana as well as measures to regulate marijuana agriculture, adding that the government will be able to answer more questions in October when it receives all the important information from the two agencies.

He noted that the prime minister is eager to see a medical marijuana law pass the National Legislative Assembly. The law is now being reviewed by the assembly’s vetting committee.

As for the proposal to legalize the medical use of marijuana by enforcing Article 44, DPM Prajin said the idea is far-fetched but the government has yet to accept or reject the proposal.