Launch of speed detection in Bangkok streets


Metropolitan police have started the launch of speed detection to catch speeding motorists and motorcyclists in Bangkok with the use of radar speed guns, currently deployed at 14 spots in the capital.

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Pol Maj-Gen Chirapat Poommichit, metropolitan deputy commissioner, said Wednesday that the radar guns are capable of shooting still pictures or VDO footages of road traffic and will monitor speeding cars or motorcycles, vehicles which break traffic law such as heading in the opposite direction, running on sidewalks or even street racing.

Motorists or motorcyclists who are caught breaking traffic law will be issued with electronic tickets to pay fines within seven days. If they fail to pay fines within the 7-day period, they will be given a warning to pay fines within 30 days, failing that they will be blacklisted – which means their annual insurance coverage and annual payment of road tax may be rejected and they cannot use their cars as surety to apply for bank loans.

Payments of traffic tickets can be done through Krung Thai bank’s counters, Krung Thai Bank’s ATMs or police stations where the offences took place.

Pol Maj-Gen Chirapat said he is optimistic that the new measure to catch illegal speeding will result in the lowering of traffic law violations and conflicts between police and motorists.