Land Transport Department has no policy to cancel paper-based driving license


BANGKOK, 22 April 2015 – The Land Transport Department has confirmed that holders of paper-based driving license do not need to change their license to a Smart-Card one.

The confirmation came from Mr. Suchart Khlinsuwan, Deputy Director-General of the Land Transport Department amid a viral rumor shared widely online that all of paper-based license with lifelong validity must be changed to the Smart Card within December unless holders want to retest their driving skills.

Mr.Suchart explained that the change of license was not a rule but personal choice which can be done at any time. Those who prefer using the paper one can still use it until the expiry date.

The Smart Card driving license has greater benefits than the traditional one. It allows Thai drivers to drive in any countries of ASEAN without holding an International Driving Permit. The policy is part of an agreement among ASEAN members to facilitate transportation within the region.

Moreover, the plastic-made Smart Card is more durable than the paper one. It contains clear photo of driver and personal details both in Thai and english language, equipped with higher technology for preventing license forgery.