Lamphun holds midnight alms-offering


LAMPHUN, 8 October 2014 A large number of Buddhists in the northern province of Lamphun have joined a midnight alms offering ceremony to pay respect to one of the sacred monks in the Buddhist legend.

At the midnight of Oct 7, Deputy governor Supachai Iamsuwan led local officials and residents to offer food and monastic necessities to over 100 Buddhist monks at Wat Phra Mathat Hariphunchai in the heart of the city to celebrate Peng Pud occasion.

‘Peng Pud’ or the full moon Wednesday is a traditional Lanna belief. The day Phra Uppakut, one of the key holy monks in the past, comes up from his under-the-sea abode at pre-dawn to receive alms and bless people on earth. It’s believed that when ones give alms on the day, they will not only become blessed, but also become rich.