Lampang officials reclaimed encroached national park


LAMPANG, 3 July 2014,-The Lampang provincial military has discovered that more than 40 rais of land in Maeyao National Park linking the districts of Kohka and Hangchat has been encroached upon.

The area is a lush deciduous forest and serves as the water source of the nearby areas. Authorities found several tree stumps and 10 charcoal kilns in the area, leading to speculations that offenders encroached on the area to produce charcoal for sale.

The speculation was confirmed after they discovered more than a thousand bags of charcoal neatly packed, ready for distribution.

Officials did not find any perpetrators at the scene, however, speculating that they must have escaped before the officers arrived.

Authorities have removed the fences and reclaimed the area, vowing to bring those responsible for the encroachment to justice.