Lampang governor visits ASEAN biggest solar power plant


LAMPANG – Lampang Governor Samart Loifa has visited the biggest solar power plant in Southeast Asia to observe the plant’s energy innovations.

The Lampang Governor said the visit, in which he was accompanied by several provincial officials, was to enable local agencies to gather ideas and information that could be used to develop the province into a regional hub for energy production and logistics. The plant belongs to Energy Absolute Public Company Limited and EA Solar Lampang.

Mr Samart said Lampang is one of the major energy suppliers in the country, producing electricity from coal, hydropower, wind power and biomass. Lampang is planning to promote solar power, which is both environmentally-friendly and more sustainable than other types of energy production.

The plant, which covers parts of two districts, was built in 2013 and started selling power to the Provincial Electricity Authority in February last year.