Koh Tao seeks budget to install CCTVs, lighting for higher security


SURAT THANI, 19 September 2014 – The mayor of Koh Tao has requested a budget for the procurement of CCTV cameras and additional street lamps as part of a measure to increase tourist safety following the recent murder on the island. 

Koh Tao Mayor Chaiyan Thurasakul disclosed that he has submitted a letter to the Surat Thani provincial administration, asking for an allocation of 20 million baht for putting up CCTVs and extra lighting around the island. The move seeks to deter any future crimes in the famous tourist destination in response to last week’s killing of two British vacationers.

The mayor affirmed that local villagers and business operators on the island have always been looking out for crimes and watching over tourists and a violent incident never happened until recently. He admitted the murder has greatly tarnished the image of Koh Tao in the eyes of foreigners and thus urged the media to focus on the facts and avoid exacerbating the situation.

Following days of rigorous investigations, mystery continues to surround the death of two Britons, identified as David Miller and Hannah Wetheridge. Several individuals were previously suspected of involvement but have all been let go after DNA tests indicated otherwise.