Kittiratt: WEF allows Thailand to show political-economic stability


BANGKOK, 29 May 2012  – The Thai government has expressed its readiness to play host to the upcoming World Economic Forum (WEF) on East Asia 2012, while a WEF representative explained that Thailand has been chosen as host for its economic stability and role in the ASEAN region. 

At a press conference on the organizing of the 21st WEF on East Asia, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Kittiratt Na Ranong stated that the meeting will follow-up on the previously discussed issues at the WEF meeting in Davos, Switzerland, held in January. Thus, it will be an important venue for Thailand to manifest its political and economic stability and progress to the international community. Meanwhile, leaders from both the public and private sectors will be granted the opportunity to meet and discuss the strengthening of bilateral and regional cooperation.

At the same time, WEF Senior Director and Head of Asia Sushant Palakurthi Rao said that Thailand has been chosen as host of the 21st WEF on East Asia 2012 given it is the second most important country in the ASEAN region and that its economic growth rate is on a positive trend. Moreover, the country is strategically located in the midst of fast-growing economies, such as that of China and India.

Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi will also be participating at the meeting in Thailand. This is her first trip abroad in 24 years. It is expected that Suu Kyi will be discussing the topic of opportunities and challenges of the region.

Held under the theme of “Shaping the Region’s Future through Connectivity”, the WEF on East Asia 2012 will be held during 30 May – 1 June at the Shangri La Hotel in Bangkok. Over 600 delegates from 50 countries across the world are expected to attend the meeting in Thailand.