King reviews royal projects progress at Chitrlada Palace


BANGKOK, Nov 27 — His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej visited Chitralada Palace Monday to review progress of the projects he initiated as well as to visit the Royal Elephant Museum inside the compound.

His Majesty the King left Siriraj Hospital’s Chalermprakiat Building Monday afternoon at 3pm where he has been receiving nourishment to regain his strength since September 2009 when he was admitted with fever, fatigue and a lung inflammation.

The monarch appeared before the public with a happy face, sitting on a wheelchair and passing a large assemblage of well-wishers lining the way at Siriraj to catch a glimpse of him. They raised his portraits and chanted “Long Live the King.”

His Majesty the King spent the afternoon visiting his dairy farm and other places within the palace compound.

The dairy farm is one of his royally-initiated projects, and was set up in 1962 to select and improve dairy cattle breeds for Thailand as well as to promote dairy farming in the country.

After inspecting activities at the farm, he went to the Chitralada UHT milk processing plant which was set up in 2003 to make use of the oversupply of raw milk.

His Majesty the King visited the solar cell house where solar cells are installed on the rooftop to generate electricity.

After that he visited the Royal Elephant Museum, located in the palace compound.

The King viewed statues of royal elephants and spent time studying the history of the royal elephants that belonged to each previous king of the Chakri dynasty.

His Majesty the King was at Chitralada Palace for about two and one half hours before returning to Siriraj Hospital at 5.20pm.