Justice Minister asks activist group not to cross line


BANGKOK, 8 July 2015 – Minister of Justice Gen Paiboon Khumchaya has urged the student activist network Dao Din Group to refrain from breaking the law, affirming that the government would allow political movements if conducted in an appropriate manner.

Following the court’s release of 14 student members of the Dao Din Group, Gen Paiboon said he would like the students to seek alternative approaches to expressing their political viewpoint that are in compliance with the law. Should there be illegal activities or disturbances to the government’s work, he insisted that the law would have to be enforced against them.

The minister explained that, although the current government did not come from a democratic origin, it is not in any way inclined towards dictatorship and is always open to people’s political expressions within the legal framework. He thus called on the group to resort to negotiations and to not step out of line as it would fuel a recurrence of conflict.

Regarding concerns over the government’s handling of the student activists, Gen Paiboon pledged that the best care was provided for them during their custody. He also invited the group to request special protection after their release should they deem it necessary.