Justice Min campaigns for legal awareness among Thais


Bangkok – A transit advertising campaign is being organized by the Ministry of Justice in various provinces to raise awareness of the law and the justice system among public members and state agencies.

The Justice Ministry has kicked off the transit advertising campaign as part of its endeavor to ensure Thai people are well informed about the law and the justice system and have equal access to justice services in accordance with the 20-year national strategy.  The campaign is also in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Number 16, which seeks to develop a peaceful society through the promotion of the rule of law.

The transit advertising campaign is running from now until March 24 in several provinces. The launching ceremony was attended by a number of Thai country singers and accomplished film director Bandit Thongdee, who has produced a short film on legal knowledge particularly for the campaign.

During the campaign, there will be seminars by legal experts and lawyers in each locality to exchange legal knowledge with residents as well as entertainment activities.