Japanese prosecutors to interrogate Kamronwit on Thursday


BANGKOK, 1 July 2015 – The National Police has made known that Japanese prosecutors will interrogate Former Bangkok police chief Kamronwit Thoopkrachang on Thursday.

Police Lieutenant General Kamronwit is expected to be held under police custody for another ten days. The National Police said that local prosecutors may decide to indict him for possession of a gun, before the 20-day detainment period expires.

Thai consular officials visited the former police chief on Tuesday and said he remained in good physical condition while awaiting the outcome of the investigation. His legal team is coordinating with the Japanese police in providing Police Lieutenant General Kamronwit’s firearm licenses and other evidence.

Currently, the National Police cannot verify whether the gun found in the police chief’s luggage is legally licensed. The exact model of the gun in question has not been verified as the weapon that failed to be detected during his departure from Thailand.

If convicted, Pol Lt Gen Kamronwit would be detained in Japan for a certain period before a request for his transfer to a Thai jail could be submitted.