ISOC claims lower rate of violence in southernmost provinces


PATTANI, 23 April 2015 – Thailand’s Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) the 4th Region, has joined other Thai authorities to report to the public its six-month performance under the Prayut administration.

ISOC spokesman Col. Pramote Prom-in said that the violence rate during the six months decreased by 60% from last year.

Accordingly, there was a 61.63% fall in the incident rate with 305 incidents occurring. Injuries and deaths also declined by 47.44%.

During the two weeks from 9th -22nd April 2015 alone, there were 6 security cases, 8 criminal cases, 19 deaths, and 15 injuries. Nine perpetrators of violence were arrested, and three guns seized, along with 7,753 amphetamine pills, cash of 36,020 baht and various narcotic drugs.

More than half the planned 37 roads across 37 districts, covering 164.8 km. in total have been completed, under the “Building Roads into People’s Heart” project. Similarly, 51.82% of schools which had been destroyed in fires have now been reconstructed.

Plans for the further stages of development of the southernmost provinces are to push forward the “Thung Yang Daeng Model”, enhancing the public’s power to protect its own communities.

Political power will be the main fuel for comprehensive development in all respects, encouraging local residents to grow closer to the government.

A budget of 1,700 million baht is to be injected into 1,200 communities for various development projects, expected to respond precisely to the public’s demands. These measures will be carried out in parallel with the peace-building process.