Irrigation Dept confident of no mega flood if rainfall normal


BANGKOK, June 17 – There is no risk of a mega flood this year if the rainfall level is normal, according to a meteorological department forecast, while two major dams will not overflow, said a senior official of the Royal Irrigation Department.

Mr Suthep Noipairoj, Deputy Director General of the Royal Irrigation Department, affirmed that the two major dams – the Bhumibol dam and the Sirikit dam – are capable of retaining more water and that reserve water is adequate for crop cultivation in the central region.

However, he conceded that low-lying areas in Ayutthaya and Ang Thong are likely to be submerged as is a normal occurrence every year.

Nevertheless, residential, commercial zones and industrial estates will be safe from flooding, he added.

Meanwhile, farmers in Phitsanulok have reinforced sand embankments to protect paddy fields from floods originating from upstream North after northern run-off started overflowing some areas.

Farmers in Baan Krang sub-district filled sandbags to build temporary dykes to protect 3,200 acres of paddy fields nearly ready for harvest.

As rain continues and some rice paddies have been flooded, farmers asked the provincial royal irrigation to speed up dredging of two canals and a river to drain flood water into waterways flowing into the Yom River.