Interior Ministry to enforce 7 road safety measures to curb road fatalities


Bangkok – The Ministry of Interior is planning to invest more to ensure the safety of motorists in Thailand.

Speaking at the 13th Thailand Road Safety Seminar this week, Deputy Interior Minister Suthee Makboon said 7 new measures will be enforced to lower the number of road fatalities in the country. These measures include a 50 km/hr speed limit in urban areas, a minimum age requirement for people to ride a big bike, and the installation of an anti-lock braking system for all motorcycles, to name a few.

Suthee added that every province must have safety zones for pedestrians and cyclists.

The seminar was organized by the Road Safety Group Thailand and Road Safety Center with the objective to promote road safety and awareness.

According to the organizer, 20,000 people on average are killed in road accidents every year. It is equivalent to a 500 billion baht GDP loss per annum.