Inspector-General of Region 15 inspects smog in Chiang Mai province


CHIANG MAI 27 March 2014  The Inspector-General of PM’s Office Region 15 has led a group of committee members to access the progress of developmental projects that aims to resolve the smog problem in Chiang Mai Province. 

Mr. Jumreun Yutithamsakul, Inspector-General of PM’s Office Region 15, accompanied by Mr. Cholathit Surasavadee, Inspector-General of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, and other related officials have been sent to examine the current haze situation in Chiang Mai province and receive updates on the recurring problem.

Reports indicate that Chiang Dao, Fang, Mae Ai, and Chai Prakan municipalities are most affected by the smoke resulted from the smog. Some other areas pose a greater threat, as there are dried leaves that have been piling up on the ground, which is a great catalyst for igniting fire.

Officers have incorporated the program LINE in their endeavors, and created warning posts to track and follow any spread of fires in the forest. Moreover, local residents are being educated in how to prevent and disperse smoke in order to minimize forest fires in the area.