Industry Ministry to dispatch caravans of discounted goods to 9 locations in Bangkok


BANGKOK, 30 Nov 2014  The Ministry of Industry has plans to send out caravans of discounted goods to nine locations in the capital city as part of the campaign to bring back happiness to Thai people.

The project is collaborative effort between the Federation of Thai Industries and the Ministry of Industry. It is expected to help save city people’ expenses and to boost consumption at the same time. Suppliers taking part in the project agreed to offer discounted prices on consumer products, such as rice, eggs, vegetable oil, and sugar, the prices of which will be lower than their actual price tags by up to 40 percent.

In each community, the Ministry of Industry will also launch other activities to forge ties among the people in each community, including an alms-offering and a get-together.

Aside from the caravans of cheap goods, the Ministry of Industry has also exempted 80,000 manufacturers from annual fees from October this year until September 2017, enabling them to save 300 million baht per year. The Ministry has also urged all industrial estates to launch special campaigns to bring happiness to people. Thirty-two industrial estates have agreed to join the project so far.